Greybull Police Department
Service and Protection    

Message from the Chief

Dear Citizens,

As your Chief of Police my first and most important concern is your safety.  We here at the Greybull Police Department strive to keep our community safe as a small town should be.  Greybull is a place where citizens can roam freely without the worries of being victimized by criminals.  We feel it is our duty to continuously train to be able to better protect our way of life.  We also understand that your tax money is precious and hard earned, so we use due diligence when it comes to expenditures within the department.  We operate on a budget that allows us to continue operations the way a professional department should function, but we never abuse or misuse tax dollars.  We consider ourselves a tactical department because we understand that our way of life comes with great sacrifices from our men and women who serve the public.  Our department was designed with that in mind.  Our uniforms, vehicles, and equipment may seem to some as military, but the fact is, these were designed to allow our officers to be more comfortable, effective, and to protect you as the military does.  We take great pride in what we do, and enjoy serving the community in which we reside. I'm extremely proud of our officers, and department.  I also have an open door policy and encourage citizens to visit the department and meet our staff.  Take care and be safe.

Chief Bill Brenner

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