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Frequently Asked Questions.
Question: Can I ride my ATV in Town?

Answer: To be able to operate an ATV on public streets, it must be street legal.  Meaning that it must be licensed, insured, and have mirrors, and a horn, and the operator must hold a valid drivers license.

Question: If I want a tenant evicted for not paying rent, What are the procedures?

Answer: First the tenant must be given a Notice to Quit.  This document gives the tenant three days to vacate the premises.  This notice can be served by the Greybull Police Department or the landlord themselves.  If they do not vacate, then the landlord must seek a Forcible Detainer through hiring an attorney of their choosing.  

Question:  If I lend someone something of value and they refuse to return it, what are my options?

  When you have an agreement with someone whether it be verbal or written, you have entered into a contract with that person.  The best option is to seek reimbursement through small claims court.  Most of these matters are civil in nature and do not violate criminal law.

Is there a curfew in Greybull?

Yes!  The curfew is for persons under the age of sixteen years old.  On weekdays the curfew is ten (10) PM to five (5) AM and on weekends the curfew is twelve (12) AM to five (5) AM.  If the minor is attending a school event they will be given forty five (45) minutes to be home.  Parents can also be held accountable and be charged for allowing minors to violate this Ordinance.  

Is it legal for minors to possess or consume alcohol on private property within the Town of Greybull?

No, The Town of Greybull amended the ordinance to state that it is illegal for a minor to consume or possess alcohol within the Town of Greybull.

Recently I received a request through the mail from a company that I had never heard of wanting me to send money in order for them to send me a larger amount of money.  What are my options in this particular situation?

Remember the old saying "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".  Never send money or give personal information to someone who you do not know.  The FBI has a web-site called  This web-site is for internet and mail scams.  Please visit this site and submit your information.  Unfortunately the Greybull Police Department can do little in the way of preventing these scams.

  What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood?

If you have a dog in your neighborhood that is disturbing your peace, call the Greybull Police Department.  From there we will either at our discretion, issue a citation or give a warning to the owner of the animal.  Usually the first time we contact the owner of such an animal, we issue a warning.  If the owner has been contacted in the past, we will issue a citation.  If you yourself wish to sign a complaint against the owner of an animal, we will need you to fill out a written statement, and if the case goes to court, you will be subpoenaed to testify at trial.

How do I apply for a concealed weapons permit?

To apply for a concealed weapons permit you must contact the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office in Basin.

: What should I do if I witness a crime, but do not want to get involved?

If you yourself witness a crime being committed or know of a crime that has been committed, contact the Greybull Police Department dispatch, and let them know that you would like to remain anonymous.  Any information that you give will be used to investigate the crime, and your identity will be kept confidential.

 What are the speed limits on the residential streets in Greybull?

:  The speed limit on residential streets is twenty (20) miles per hour.  On 7th Street the speed limit is twenty five (25) miles per hour, and in business districts the speed limit is thirty (30) miles per hour.  School and park zones on the residential streets are fifteen (15) miles per hour, and in business districts it is twenty (20) miles per hour.

Question:  Who has the right of way at an un-controlled intersections in Greybull?

Answer:  If you come to an intersection and there are no traffic control devices, then you have the responsibility to yield to the vehicle on your right hand side.  If there is a vehicle going through the intersection, then you must yield for that vehicle.  

Question:  Are u-turns permitted in Greybull?

Answer:  Yes, all u-turns must be done at intersections without interfering with traffic.  U-turns are not permitted on Greybull Avenue from third (3) Street to Railroad Avenue.
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